This past fall, people from around the world, from Seoul to Tokyo to London, were able to witness one of fashion’s most captivating exhibitions. The exhibition showcased hundreds of black and white photos of Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite muses sporting Chanel’s iconic jacket. Men and women filled galleries around the world to view this amazing collection, and celebrate the history of this brand. If nothing else, it proved to be an inspiration on how to wear your own tweed black jacket – Chanel or otherwise.

The Little Black Jacket exhibition contained Lagerfeld’s photographs of celebrities wearing the Chanel tweed jacket, all with their own individual flair. Sometimes classic, sometimes  a little edgier, but always Chanel, each was styled by the one and only Carine Roitfeld. This iconic jacket shows the astounding versatility of Chanel’s vision through Lagerfeld’s capable hands, and solidifies the little black jacket’s future as a timeless classic.

Click here to see the videos (for some reason they won’t embed properly):

Video 1

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We had the pleasure of attending the Guilty Pleasures Sale in Toronto this past Saturday. The event was hosted by Toronto Fashion Incubator at the Drake Hotel and was an full of stunning treasures to pull at our heart (and wallet) strings.

Our favourite purchase of the day? Adorable bracelets from Shop for Jayu.

Toronto Fashion Incubator


Each week, we will share you with our must-have items of the moment. These are hand selected items are the essentials that each of us at BOXNOIRE simply can’t live without. Up this week, Karyna’s picks…



1. Madewell Silk Cami [ $78.00 ]

2. Alexander McQueen Velvet Flats [ $645.00 ]

3. JCrew Flower Lattice Necklace [ $268.00 ]

4. Rag & Bone Metallic Booties [ $550.00 ]

5. Kate Spade Handbag [ $498.00 ]


So are you wondering what the must-haves are for NYFW? Don’t worry, we’ve sorted through all the options to bring you the things you simply shouldn’t live without.

NYFW Essentials

[ Givenchy Bag, Ipad, Chanel Lipstick, Valentino Gloves, Thierry Lasry Glasses, Maison Martin Margiela Coat  ]


mykita glasses

If you haven’t noticed already, glasses have become less of a necessity and more of an accessory. If you want to look more edge, casual or are missing that final touch – what do you do? Throw on a pair of glasses, obviously. Except it wasn’t so obvious until recently, and specatcle design had been kind of boring until some smart people took advantage of the trend to try and spice things up.

And let’s be honest, is there anyone who is not tired of those wayfarer frames that all the hipsters are wearing? I mean it was cute at first, but enough is enough, people. Move on already. You’re not original, and you look like a dork. Try something different.

However, if you still like the idea of glasses, we did see something during Paris fashion week that was a perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship. If you’re interested in buying into this trend, you have to take a look at the collaboration between Damir Doma and the Berlin-based brand Mykita.

It’s futuristic and vibrant colouring make this the perfect accessory to stand out from the crowds. Without being too over-the-top, these glasses are majorly cool, and nothing like the typical thick-rimmed glasses that are taking over the masses.

mykita glasses

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably dying to throw out your boring black (or brown) specs and try something on the wild side. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to Berlin to grab a pair (though that isn’t such a bad idea), you can get this new look at Centre Vu in Montreal, the only place that the brand is currently carried in Canada. If you aren’t in there, give them a call – I’m sure they can help you satisfy your craving for these gorgeous glasses.

Check out Mykita’s and Centre Vu’s website for more info.


Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. – Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent, a name known around the world that invokes images of exquisite beauty and artistry. One of our all time favourite designers, and a pioneer within the history of modern fashion, Yves Saint Laurent influenced the way we see fashion today. Naturally, when it was announced that Pierre Thoretton would be directing a documentary on the life and times of the celebrated Yves Saint Laurent, we were intrigued.

L’amour Fou is the third instalment of the documentary series, and to be honest, we were apprehensive. We knew that though Yves Saint Laurent created a beautiful world of fashion, he suffered from many demons. And, we just weren’t sure if that was something we would want to see, or something that would change our opinion of him and his overwhelming success in the industry.

However, when the opportunity came up to see L’Amour Fou at the Paris Theatre in New York, we simply couldn’t say no. We didn’t regret it.

L’Amour Fou offers a beautifully melancholic view into the life and mind of Yves Saint Laurent, through the eyes and voice of his life partner of 50 years, Pierre Bergé. Throughout the documentary, Pierre recalls the love which Yves had for his material possessions, and the ensuing depression that would follow the fleeting joy these possessions brought. Unfortunately, despite the great beauty which Yves Saint Laurent was able create, he only felt truly happy twice a year, for the 24 hour period during which his collections were shown.

This moving documentary focuses on the sale of the treasures that the couple collected over half a century, during at 2009 Christie’s auction for almost $500 million. L’Amour Fou is a very truthful representation on the relationship this couple shared, with Pierre as the rock on which Yves held on to, and on which he was able to construct his empire.

The documentary incorporates vintage footage from when Yves was very young, shy and Pierre’s insight into the memories of the experiences the couple shares is both personal and intriguing. Without being overly edited, L’Amour Fou does not focus on the consumption issues Yves face, without totally ignoring the fact that this was a serious problem that the couple faced (and thankfully overcame).

L’Amour Fou is a haunting representation of the success of the fashion empire Yves Saint Laurent, and how fragile the man behind the brand was. His demons were never quite fully balanced by his love of beauty, and unfortunately, these ruled his life. Despite this, he was able share his genius with the world, and was deeply loved by his partner in life, Pierre.




Statement Shoe copy

Whether it’s in our fave magazines, walking down the runway or in that adorable boutique around the corner- the statement shoe is well, making quite the statement. Now obviously there are some that we really don’t understand (heads up, wacky and weird does not automatically equal avant garde), there are more than a few that we would die to have in our closets.

Being the not-so-secret shopoholics that we are, we’ve obviously begun doing our shopping, or as we like to call it, research. And man oh man, there are a lot of options tempting us to open our wallets. In the end, we couldn’t help but fall in love with possibly the most gorgeous (and versatile!) statement shoes of the season. See? We can justify just about anything…

However, considering that we will spend this months rent on these major Givenchy high heeled metallic, clear and wooden sandals (possibly the new love of our life) – we have put together 3 (very cost friendly) looks that would look fabulous with these bad boys.

Look1 copy

1-The Perfect Shirt – Current Elliot

2- Short Shorts – Marc by Marc Jacobs 

3- Allison Clutch – Christopher Kon

Look2 copy

1- Josh Goot Bodysuit

2- Josh Goot Skirt

Look3 copy

1-    Clare Vivier Clutch

2-    Milly Dress







This past week the world’s tastemakers, bloggers, photographers, fashion editors, designers, style Icons and fashion lovers invaded Paris…

Starting at Hôtel de Crillion with the Christophe Josee to the grand Palais with Chanel, followed by Elie Saab at the Pavillon Cambon Capucine and finishing up the week at 5 rue de Constantine with Rad Hourani, The streets of Paris were filled with an unconditional love for style and originality.

Have a look at our favourite “Street Couture” – x

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