BOXNOIRE is a deliciously eclectic mix, born of an unconditional love for all things fashion, culture & travel. From the latest runway looks, to featuring local artists, to a perfect weekend in Marrakech – we cover it all. We bring you the most coveted destinations and the most coveted looks, balanced out by our love for the little things in life.

The concept for BOXNOIRE was born on an impromptu roadtrip to Quebec. Much like the spontaneous natures of it’s three founders, Paula Della Rocca, Marie Philippe Lebel and Karyna McLaren, BOXNOIRE took on a life of its own as the creative energy flowed. With a keen eye for design and detail, the BOXNOIRE team each brings their own individual style (and opinions!) to the table. Balance is the beauty of BOXNOIRE, because we truly have something for everyone within our array of likes, dislikes and curiosities.

We invite you to discover the diversified, cool, edgy and sometimes downright unexpected world of BOXNOIRE. Our mission at BOXNOIRE is to inspire, surprise and challenge you – so go on…open the little black box.