mykita glasses

If you haven’t noticed already, glasses have become less of a necessity and more of an accessory. If you want to look more edge, casual or are missing that final touch – what do you do? Throw on a pair of glasses, obviously. Except it wasn’t so obvious until recently, and specatcle design had been kind of boring until some smart people took advantage of the trend to try and spice things up.

And let’s be honest, is there anyone who is not tired of those wayfarer frames that all the hipsters are wearing? I mean it was cute at first, but enough is enough, people. Move on already. You’re not original, and you look like a dork. Try something different.

However, if you still like the idea of glasses, we did see something during Paris fashion week that was a perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship. If you’re interested in buying into this trend, you have to take a look at the collaboration between Damir Doma and the Berlin-based brand Mykita.

It’s futuristic and vibrant colouring make this the perfect accessory to stand out from the crowds. Without being too over-the-top, these glasses are majorly cool, and nothing like the typical thick-rimmed glasses that are taking over the masses.

mykita glasses

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably dying to throw out your boring black (or brown) specs and try something on the wild side. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to Berlin to grab a pair (though that isn’t such a bad idea), you can get this new look at Centre Vu in Montreal, the only place that the brand is currently carried in Canada. If you aren’t in there, give them a call – I’m sure they can help you satisfy your craving for these gorgeous glasses.

Check out Mykita’s and Centre Vu’s website for more info.


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