This past fall, people from around the world, from Seoul to Tokyo to London, were able to witness one of fashion’s most captivating exhibitions. The exhibition showcased hundreds of black and white photos of Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite muses sporting Chanel’s iconic jacket. Men and women filled galleries around the world to view this amazing collection, and celebrate the history of this brand. If nothing else, it proved to be an inspiration on how to wear your own tweed black jacket – Chanel or otherwise.

The Little Black Jacket exhibition contained Lagerfeld’s photographs of celebrities wearing the Chanel tweed jacket, all with their own individual flair. Sometimes classic, sometimes  a little edgier, but always Chanel, each was styled by the one and only Carine Roitfeld. This iconic jacket shows the astounding versatility of Chanel’s vision through Lagerfeld’s capable hands, and solidifies the little black jacket’s future as a timeless classic.

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Behind the beautiful forest wonderland that Chanel showcased today, Karl decided to incorporate a little edge to his show. Peter Philips, creative director of the makeup for Chanel, created an eye application specifically for this spring 2013 show.

The pieces seen on the models and in the image below are leaf shaped pieces  that Maison Lemarié created using strips of fragile fabric that Karl also used in a series of delicate hair pieces – pretty major right? The idea was to create makeup that was an extension of the hair accessories, and we think they succeeded in creating something seriously gorgeous.

“Close up, you feel the fragility of the textures and materials, and from a distance, the look feels much darker.”  Peter Philips

No detail was overlooked, as per usual.

Chanel make up


The New Year is often associated with the ‘new you’. Well, ladies – we don’t think there’s anything wrong with you the way you are right now. However, we fully agree that all of us may need a pick me up, or a little reinvention once and a while. So it got us thinking, what do we do when need a change, or a little boost of confidence? The answer is lingerie, ladies.

Now, we all now how fantastic lingerie can make us feel, and how much certain members of the opposite sex appreciate it…but how about wearing lingerie just because? You don’t need to have an occasion, or even a date. So dig out your favourite lingerie set, and stop saving it. Or better yet, pop into your local boutique and try something outside your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll feel – and it’ll be our little secret. And if you really want to go big, try lingerie’s new best friend – fragrance. Fragrance has become largely underrated, and it’s been scientifically proven that scent can change your mood! So what are you waiting for? Try on one of our favourite sensual scents, or even dare to go a little more bare.

LL1 copy LL2 copy L1 Copy



We already adore the Chanel lipstick line, but when we discovered their shade, Rouge Noir, we absolutely swooned. This is a sultry, sexy shade that screams statement. Perfect for date night, or a night out with the girls – this will put you in touch with your inner vixen.

DAY 5  Chanel Lipstick in Rouge Noir [ $34.00 ]

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Scandal, fashion, sex, and Chanel. Does it sound as amazing to you as it did to us? Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War has it all. This book which is part biography, part thriller discusses the iconic designer’s role in a Nazi spy ring led by her then lover, Baron Hans Günther von Dincklage.

The book follows Chanel’s role within the spy ring and with her lover, and discusses how she was able to escape arrest and finally return to Paris at the age of seventy and resurrect the House of Chanel.

If you are as Chanel obsessed as we are, we can guarantee that you will be sure to love this in-depth wartime bio of one of the most famed and fabulous designers of our time. xx 


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