Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. – Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent, a name known around the world that invokes images of exquisite beauty and artistry. One of our all time favourite designers, and a pioneer within the history of modern fashion, Yves Saint Laurent influenced the way we see fashion today. Naturally, when it was announced that Pierre Thoretton would be directing a documentary on the life and times of the celebrated Yves Saint Laurent, we were intrigued.

L’amour Fou is the third instalment of the documentary series, and to be honest, we were apprehensive. We knew that though Yves Saint Laurent created a beautiful world of fashion, he suffered from many demons. And, we just weren’t sure if that was something we would want to see, or something that would change our opinion of him and his overwhelming success in the industry.

However, when the opportunity came up to see L’Amour Fou at the Paris Theatre in New York, we simply couldn’t say no. We didn’t regret it.

L’Amour Fou offers a beautifully melancholic view into the life and mind of Yves Saint Laurent, through the eyes and voice of his life partner of 50 years, Pierre Bergé. Throughout the documentary, Pierre recalls the love which Yves had for his material possessions, and the ensuing depression that would follow the fleeting joy these possessions brought. Unfortunately, despite the great beauty which Yves Saint Laurent was able create, he only felt truly happy twice a year, for the 24 hour period during which his collections were shown.

This moving documentary focuses on the sale of the treasures that the couple collected over half a century, during at 2009 Christie’s auction for almost $500 million. L’Amour Fou is a very truthful representation on the relationship this couple shared, with Pierre as the rock on which Yves held on to, and on which he was able to construct his empire.

The documentary incorporates vintage footage from when Yves was very young, shy and Pierre’s insight into the memories of the experiences the couple shares is both personal and intriguing. Without being overly edited, L’Amour Fou does not focus on the consumption issues Yves face, without totally ignoring the fact that this was a serious problem that the couple faced (and thankfully overcame).

L’Amour Fou is a haunting representation of the success of the fashion empire Yves Saint Laurent, and how fragile the man behind the brand was. His demons were never quite fully balanced by his love of beauty, and unfortunately, these ruled his life. Despite this, he was able share his genius with the world, and was deeply loved by his partner in life, Pierre.




Behind the beautiful forest wonderland that Chanel showcased today, Karl decided to incorporate a little edge to his show. Peter Philips, creative director of the makeup for Chanel, created an eye application specifically for this spring 2013 show.

The pieces seen on the models and in the image below are leaf shaped pieces  that Maison Lemarié created using strips of fragile fabric that Karl also used in a series of delicate hair pieces – pretty major right? The idea was to create makeup that was an extension of the hair accessories, and we think they succeeded in creating something seriously gorgeous.

“Close up, you feel the fragility of the textures and materials, and from a distance, the look feels much darker.”  Peter Philips

No detail was overlooked, as per usual.

Chanel make up


Starting the second day of Paris Haute Couture, we can say with certainty that the couture houses under la chambre syndicale de la haute couture did not disappoint.

The day started with an amazing and romantic walk down the runway with Chanel. It was a melancholic and moving collection. Though Karl may not be able to move mountains just yet, he was definitely able to recreate a forest at  “ Le Grand Palais” this morning – stunning the audience with another beautiful collection.

Later in the afternoon,  a marvellous collection by Armani Privé complete with perfectly tailored suits and vibrant colouring captured audiences. This show was a total eye candy!

Chanel copy Armani copy


From Versace yesterday evening, to Dior today, Haute Couture S/S 2013 fashion week has already proven to be full of stunning eye candy. Here are just some of our favourite highlights.

Iris van Herpen really won over our hearts. His collection was surprising, and very avant-garde. It made you take a second look, and open your eyes in awe. It was intriguing and left you wanting to see more.

We were also wooed by the romanticism seen in the Alexis Mabille collection, will chic feminine features and and soft, touchable colours. Dior was amazing as was to be expected, and we loved the fresh, colourful approach.

AtelierVersace copy GiambattistaValli copy Dior copy AlexisMabille copy IrisVanHerpen copy


After Milan comes Paris – and we aren’t complaining one bit.

The day started bright and early with likes of Lucien Pellat Finet and Julien David. Mid day saw some of our favourite looks from Carven and John Lawrence Sullivan. Finally, day 1 of PFW ended with les pieces de resistance; Valentino, Lacroix & Raf Simons.



We are loving all of the deep green and navy blue used in the Valentino show. The luxurious qualities were heightened by tying in fur and leather elements, and layering it with plaids in similar colouring. As seen at the Burberry show, pony hair coats are becoming a staple this season. There is not one thing that we do not love about this collection.

ChristianLacroix copy


Ok, so are jumpsuits making a comeback? Apparently so, at least at the Christian Lacroix show. An eclectic mix of houndstooth patterns, monochrome looks and what can only be called ‘painter chic’ made its way down the runway in Paris today. While we still aren’t sure if we love it, we certainly respect the innovation and wow factor. The question remains, will guys wear this?

RafSimons copy


At first glance, you might think that this colour scheme was chosen for Spring/Summer and not Fall/Winter – but at BOXNOIRE, we’re grateful to Raf Simons for brightening things up a little! The pastel greens, raspberry reds and pops of purple were refreshing  and unexpected. The layering and subtle draping make these classic pieces stand out with a modern twist.


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Day 1

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