Ok girls, so let’s be honest – we’ve all thought about yoga at one point or another. Some of us love it, anddd others kind of don’t see the point. For the record? Those who love it tend to be super, amazingly, inhumanly good at it…just sayin’. And, that’s just not us. Not yet, anyways.

In any case, we got back from holidays at the beginning of January and low and behold, a new yoga studio opened up just next door. How frickin’ convenient right? We had tried plenty of yoga classes, but had never found a way to stay motivated. Here’s a tip, have one open up next door and you’ll really have a hard time finding an excuse.

So, walking past this place day in and day out got us thinking – let’s give yoga another shot. No more crappy excuses not to work out, and MAYBE it might be fun this time. I’m sorry, but having some crazy women push our legs past our ears, or speak in an irritatingly false calm voice is just not our cup of tea. But hey, we believe in second chances.

Fast forward a few weeks and we have a confession to make. We have become utterly addicted. Yes, yes, ADDICTED to yoga. Guess what everyone was saying is true! Of all of us, Marie has become the biggest yogi. In her own words, she needs Hot Hata class. The detoxifying heat (and damn it’s hot!), not only helps you increase flexibility, but it does wonders from stress release and relaxation. Seriously, she can go on and on about the benefits of yoga, but the truth is – it’s really just a good time to get away from daily worries.

If you’re a current yoga fanatic, we can finally say – we understand! If you’re not, and you were as skeptical as us…two words: GO NOW. Seriously. You’ll feel refreshed, energetic. You’ll have less aches and pains. You might not need your morning coffee (don’t quote us on this) and that man of yours? Well, he’ll be saying all types of thank you for your increased flexibility. And as an added perfect, for those of you who are more adventurous…you’ll be able to try tons of positions you never thought you’d reach. Think about it.

WARNING: This can be highly beneficial and seriously addictive.

Oh, and if you’re in the Toronto area? We highly suggest Chopra Yoga…first class is free! xx