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We all know that the beauty industry is booming, and there’s a reason why – there are about a billion products available, all with very high price tags. And while yes, we do love our Ole Henriksen cream and Fresh black tea facial mask, sometimes the best solutions are right beneath your nose. Literally, all you have to do is walk into your kitchen.

These are our top beauty picks, all simple, easy to find and best of all – affordable! They may even work better than the expensive stuff…but you didn’t hear it from us. So the next time you’re skin is begging for moisture, or you need to zap that pimple, try out one of these alternatives before running to the nearest Sephora. Chances are you have them around the house, or can pick them up at your local market!

Probably one of our favourite beauty picks, like ever, aloe vera has a thousand and one benefits. You can use it fresh from the plant as I way to treat burns, irritation and even bug bites. It’s also wonderful when mixed with rosewater as a daily cleanser.

Not only is it a great start to the morning, it can also double as a fantastic scrub to slough off any dry, dead skin. Mix it with some chamomile tea (let it cool it first!), honey and almond oil for the perfect facial scrub.

This next beauty pick is so good, we have to stop ourselves from devouring it on the spot! Avocado, when mixed with honey, a few drops of cider vinegar and some sesame oil, provides a rich and luxurious facial cleanse that is the perfect way to treat your face once a week.

Honey obviously has a ton of benefits, and when mixed with other main beauty picks, it can really make a different. However, it’s pretty great on it’s own as well. Pucker up those beauty lips, and make them more luscious than ever, by making a lip scrub using honey and brown sugar with a dash of lemon juice.

Take some dried lavender, a little bit of oatmeal and a handful of baking soda…grind it up inside a food processor and add it to your bath for a treat at the end of the day. Seriously try it…enough said.

Well, cucumbers are a classic. We’ve seen them in the movies, and your mom probably taught you about cucumber facials as a kid. But try blending some cucumber with honey to make a wonderful toner that will leave your skin feeling fresh!

You know the benefits of drinking it, but if you let it cool in the fridge, and pour it into a spritzer bottle, it makes the perfect toner. This is also an amazing spot acne treatment.

It might be kind of scary to think of olive oil as a moisturizer, but this stuff is a miracle. Mix it with distilled water, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, liquid lecithin and a little grated beeswax for a fabulous moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling smooth as a baby’s bum.

Are you running off to pick of some of these fabulous goodies right away? Or are you sorting through your sephora collection thinking WHY did I spend that much money? It’s OK, we’ve been there, done that. xx




The holiday season can be a challenging, and well, tempting time of year. It can be difficult to stay on track with healthy eating habits, and many people find that by the end of the season, they are tired, worn down, and maybe even a bit heavier than when they started out.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tips to survive the holiday season, created by the fabulous Diane [Registered Nutritionist]. These tips will help you stay fresh, alert and most of all, healthy!

  1. Make sure that you carry water with you at all times. During this busy season, we are often out shopping, running errands, or visiting with friends. If you don’t have water, you can often become sluggish and tired, or worse – you’ll reach for one of those sugary Christmas themed drinks. Water will help keep you refreshed, and help curb cravings.
  2. Bring your own snacks! Yes, this may seem like a pain – but it can be quite the life saver. If you have your own snacks, you’ll be less likely to reach for something on the go – this means you will be making wiser choices and your body will thank you at the end of the day. Our favourites: almonds, sunflower seeds, kale chips & fresh fruit.
  3. Do not skip a meal (and that includes breakfast). Skipping a meal will not only leave you feeling tired and imbalanced, but it was also increase your chances of eating unhealthy later in the day. It has been proven that breakfast eaters and people who do not skip meals are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, and are happier overall.
  4. Never arrive at a party hungry. Now, we all know that those little appetizers at the party are delicious. But if you arrive hungry, you’ll be eating much more than you probably intended to. Instead, have a light meal or snack prior to your events, to help you keep your appetite (and cravings) in line.
  5. Use a smaller plate and eat slowly. The smaller your plate, the less food you can pile on. Also, if you eat slowly, you will ‘fill up’ more quickly, meaning you will want less food. It’s a win-win situation!
  6. Load up on the greens! That’s right, make sure you are eating lots of veggies and salads while at your holiday events. By filling yourself up with these good foods first, you’ll still have room to sample some of the other treats later, without going overboard.
  7. Pick and choose. This means, don’t deprive yourself! You deserve to have a little fun. So decide what your fun will be before starting the night. Will it be some wine, or maybe a slice of cake? If you set these goals at the start of the night, you’ll be less likely to indulge. Besides, we believe in the 80/20 rule – 80% of what you eat should be good, healthy and wholesome. The other 20% is your fun food – so go on, live on the wild side!
  8. Always remember, you do not have to finish your plate. This preset notion that we have is ridiculous, and you’d be better off forgetting it. If you’re no longer hungry, do not feel obligated to keep eating!
  9. Learn the secrets of food combining. Certain foods, when eaten together can actually cause weight gain and discomfort. So instead, try to eat veggies & protein/meat, OR choose veggies & starches (bread, pasta, etc.). But don’t eat them all together!
  10. Make a plan for the season, and set realistic goals. Promise to stick to it, and at the end of the day, you will feel much better and proud for making it through.

Remember, surviving the holidays isn’t about deprivation. It’s about balance, and making smart choices. So cheers to a fabulous holiday season! 

* Check out Healthy You Naturally for more fabulous health tips, articles and information from Diane!